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We are a mother and daughter who are setting out to change the way mental health is seen and approached. Creating a community to give you a sense of belonging. A collective of like-minded people who want to expand therapy beyond just one-to-one. Making mental health part of everyone’s journey and a part of everyday life. We’re giving people the means to build their own programme, and be part of a community where we all work, share and support together.

Create a different way of living your life, not just a cure to your problems. We will make sense of the chaos so you can reach your true potential.

The Mental Health Map

Most of us have some awareness of the connection between problems we encounter now & early life experiences. However, we often don’t know how they are connected or why they may affect us the way they do. We aim to make those connections clearer, giving you insights & understanding, helping you get onto the healing path that is right for you.

What we do

We look at mental health differently. We open up discussions & bring ideas together. We inform, experiment and encourage each other to use our bodies, curiosity and environment to enrich our lives. Making our world feel safer and more accommodating, allowing us to feel more confident, connected and valued.

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We spoke to Will Young about his mental health journey, life for trauma survivors in the Covid 19 pandemic and how trauma and attachment can affect us.

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What a good therapist should do

What therapy should do for you, what your therapist should be doing with you & how to know if they’re the right fit.