1-1 Therapy

One-to-one sessions

Catriona offers one-to-one sessions either in person or via Skype, sometimes a mixture of both.

From the outset she helps people to tune in, and learn to listen and feel what their body is doing. As we think and talk about things, our body reacts, usually quite unconsciously and outside our awareness.

The responses our body has will then show up patterns and tell us so much more than our heads are aware of. Very often what we think, and what our body’s response is, can be very different. Heads can be influenced by many different factors and can be confusing places. When we learn to track and notice our body, the message is much simpler and clearer. If we are going to make fundamental changes in our lives, this has to be a new felt sense experience, not just a thought. When we work with needs, unmet needs and any form of trauma, we have to be able to process this through the body. It’s where we feel everything, where our nervous system operates, and where all of our regulation takes place. The more understanding and connection we have with our body the more we can know what is needed and what resources work for us.

Together we discover what is really happening, making sense of our behaviours and understand the influence of past experiences, we stop battling with ourselves and allow our conflicting parts to work together. 

It is the therapists job to teach how to tune in, listen, observe, and hear what the body is telling us. It is a partnership where we can feel safe to explore, experiment and be truly curious, leaving behind judgment and opening up the possibility of doing things differently. Making changes in a way that feels natural and balanced.