Covid-19 Support

Exclusive sessions for front line workers

We are all so thankful for the incredible work the front line workers are putting in during this pandemic.

We’re offering 30-minute & 1-hour online Skype sessions at a discounted rate, to all front line workers, to help you manage the stress and anxiety levels of daily work. These are available either in the morning or in the evening. If you would like to book a session and want to know prices, get in touch with us, either by phone call or email.

Discounted Sessions

We are also offering discounted 30-minute and 1-hour anxiety management sessions, for everyone during this pandemic.

These are different from normal 1-1 therapy session as we will be helping you to find ways of managing anxiety levels being in isolation, to help ground you and feel more present, while you navigate a new life from home. To book a session get in touch with us either by phone or email.

Groundhog Day Video Techniques

We’ve been putting together tips and techniques you can try at home, to help change up your daily routine at home, & get your energy and motivation levels up.