The Body Work Course


A step-by-step guided course into mastering and using body work. Connect back to your body, learn what’s helpful and what isn’t, and gain back control of your mental health. Learn how to listen to what your body is telling you and build a better relationship with yourself.

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We are proud to offer our brilliant new body work course, using body work to help manage your mental health & build a good relationship with yourself and your body. It’s a step by step guide into mastering and using body work. It will take you through easy to do and simply explained experiments to help you tune in and learn to listen to what your body is telling you. The course will take you through how to recognise negative and positive responses, which play such a huge part in our decision making, setting boundaries and generally taking care of ourselves. It will teach you how to connect with yourself from the inside, opening up your curiosity and encouraging growth from within.

We designed this course for you to be able to connect back with your body, learning what is helpful for you and what isn’t, so you gain back control of your mental health. This course will help you notice and understand the signals your body is sending you. It will help you have a better relationship with yourself and help you feel more connected to your body.

What’s included in the course?

  • A range of psycho-education that breaks down jargon and demystifies without overwhelming you, spread out amongst exercises.
  • It includes a step-by-step course built up of 13 sections, which take you through many different, safe ways of learning to feel things in your body, recognising what your body is communicating to you and learning what the different messages can tell you.
  • It also includes two mindful body scans, to get you started with learning to check in with yourself and your body day-to-day.
  • It also includes two extra sections for you to use anytime they are needed. The first is a guided journal section where we help you through a bad mental health day and show you how to manage it, where you can begin to understand patterns and behaviours of yourself and where it might be coming from. The second bonus section takes you through managing your panic attacks and anxiety, giving you back control of yourself.
  • The course is a packed 80 pages that will transform your relationship with yourself and give you an understanding of yourself you didn’t know existed.